Content Marketing All About Simplicity

Google had figure it up before. Look at their Home page, ain’t it the most simplify home page you ever see. The message is simple and clear: Search Me!


 Smooth and Simple

You need to deliver the message smooth and simple, with no complicated ideas and complex sentences. Avoid high language (unless you are aiming to that kind of audience). Make the text short, don’t stretch the text to help your search engine optimization. It will not help you when your audience will leave the page, find out he need to read all the text for no reason. Most of viewers will roll down the page to see the result of their effort before they start reading the article. Extend the use of Images, Icons, Audio and Video to deliver the message. Be familiar to the fact that most visitors spending eight seconds deciding to stay at the page or to leave.



The Story Tell it All

To make your audience be interesting in the product or the idea you like promote, You need to tell them a story. Your blog is not Academic article (unless you intend to) don’t dry your readers with dry facts and long repeatable explanations. Tell them a story about the product or the idea, how this product relate to you, how you experience with that, what are the feelings you get regarding this product or idea. The best approach is the personal approach. Enhance it as your style and practice it on your content.


In Content We Trust

Content Marketing had been here from the start of the industrial age and the birth of the advertising industry and it will keep be in our life. The bond between your customer and the product be empower by Content marketing. You will extend the knowledge of your client regarding the brand services and how it could help him in his life. You can “in depth” target your audience thru social net works to make the most of your marketing into action. 


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